Carter Aviation Technologies, An Aerospace Research & Development Company


Carter CHT-150


The CHT-150 operates like a helicopter with full hover capability. Like all CarterCopters, the rotor is declutched from the drive system in cruise flight to deliver the exceptional cruise efficiencies the technology has proven to deliver. The aircraft has an empty weight of around 160,000 lbs and a max gross weight of 330,000 lbs.

A fully loaded 18-wheeler could be driven up its ramp and parked inside (with room to spare), and then flown away – straight up. Once airborne, with the rotor slowed and the lift transferred to the wings, flight efficiencies will approach those of fixed-wing aircraft. The CHT-150 is designed to cruise at 400 kts at 35,000 ft altitude and carry a 120,000 lb payload nearly 800 nm.

The CHT-150 is powered by twin P&W F135 engines developed for the Joint Strike Fighter. These engines are unique in being capable of simultaneously producing 29,000 shaft hp and 18,000 lbs of jet thrust. The jet exhaust will be vectored at the tail of the aircraft to counter rotor torque, with the props being used for fine yaw control. The props themselves will be 24-ft diameter 4-bladed versions of the patented Carter Scimitar propeller.

A preliminary design has also been done for a similarly sized jump takeoff CGT-150.