Carter Aviation Technologies, An Aerospace Research & Development Company


CH-45 Heliplane


Carter has done some preliminary design work on a medium sized heliplane transport. In addition to being capable of vertical takeoffs and landings and efficient high speed cruise like Carter gyroplanes, heliplanes will also have true hover and sling-load capabilities. The CH-45 will have a minimum cruise speed of 400 mph, range of 1,150 miles, and useful load of 2,000 pounds in addition to its fuel. The current concept is for the aircraft to use two turbine engines mounted in the fuselage, connected through drive shafts and gear boxes to the rotor and the wing mounted propellers. Varying pitch on the propellers will provide the anti-torque needed for hovering flight, similar to a tail rotor on a helicopter. A clutch will be used to disengage the rotor to allow it to autorotate in high speed cruise. However, much design work remains to be done, including trade studies, and the configuration is subject to change.