Carter Aviation Technologies, An Aerospace Research & Development Company


6-9 Place Turboprop Business Aircraft


Carter has designed a 6-9 place aircraft as a "Next Generation Business Air Vehicle" (BAV) for true point to point travel. This aircraft takes into account lessons learned from the original CarterCopter. The BAV, with a 2000 HP (derated 2500 HP) gas turbine engine, will be fully pressurized, have a top speed between 370 & 405 mph (depending on altitude, and the accuracy of our drag estimates), and be capable of flying at 45,000 ft for 2600 miles with reserves (best altitude for combination of speed, efficiency & range). The entire mast will tilt, allowing for a greater CG range, and to keep the wings at their optimum angle of attack while the aircraft is flying at lower speeds where the rotor is providing more than its minimum lift. Note the restroom in the aft of the cabin, which will enable true non-stop cross-country travel. This aircraft uses many of the same parts as used in the 4-place PAV, such as the rotor, wing, tilting mast, rotor head, auto mechanical rotor pitch control, prerotator drive including 90ยบ gearbox, landing gear, horizontal stabilator mold, and autoflight controls. The 100" diameter propeller is the same as that used on the original CCTD except it will use four blades instead of two.