Carter Aviation Technologies, An Aerospace Research & Development Company


Joint Venture Partnerships

Carter is currently contemplating the establishment of three separate joint venture partnerships for the development of three classes of CarterCopters. These vehicle class definitions can be adjusted, but generally fall into the following categories:

  • Up to three-place and 0-2,000 lbs gross weight (Personal Air Vehicle)
  • Up to five-place and 2,001-4,000 lbs gross weight (Personal Air Vehicle)
  • Up to nine-place aircraft and 4,001-7,000 lbs gross weight (Personal Air Vehicle)

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Carter will grant a no-cost license to each of these JVs for the class of vehicle defined. It is anticipated that this would be an exclusive, worldwide license for the weight category defined as well as other product definition elements (e.g., manned vs unmanned, etc.). Depending on the class of vehicle, other product defining elements, and the overall scope of the license, Carter would receive a corresponding percentage ownership in the JV. The JV partner(s) would be expected to fund and demonstrate a prototype and to use that effort to raise equity to fund the launch of a production program.

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