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2+2 Place Personal Air Vehicle


The 4-Place PAV is Carter’s current prototype. The configuration currently being tested has a 45’ diameter rotor and wingspan, with a 350 HP turbocharged Lycoming IO-540 engine. The aircraft has successfully demonstrated jump takeoffs at the current test weight of 4250 lbs, and is capable of performing rolling takeoffs up to 5000 lbs.

Carter has completed 8 flights above Mu 1 with the PAV. The max Mu achieved thus far is 1.16, and the longest continuous time at Mu 1 and above is 5+ min. Max airspeed achieved is 186 ktas and a max altitude of 18,000’. Best efficiency thus far occurred at 163 ktas at 18,000’ with an L/D of ~11 and fuel economy of 13.5 nm per gallon. Envelope expansion is still not complete. Carter anticipates a max airspeed of 200+ ktas, service ceiling in excess of 25,000 ft, a Mu of 1.25, and 15+ nm per gallon upon completion of envelope expansion of the PAV.

The design is very versatile, with several variants around the same basic airframe, maintaining as many common parts as practical. A 200 HP diesel version will have an estimated empty weight of 1800 lbs, and a max gross weight of 3000 lbs. Larger versions will use the same 45-ft rotor and wingspan as being used on the current demonstrator. With a 1200 HP gas turbine engine, the aircraft will have an expected empty weight of 2500 lbs, and be capable of jump takeoffs up to a maximum of 5000 lbs, with a 300 mph cruise speed. For all versions, the aircraft will be capable of both vertical take-offs and short rolling takeoffs, as appropriate based on the density altitude, gross weight, and available horsepower.

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