Carter Aviation Technologies, An Aerospace Research & Development Company


Technology Licensing

Carter desires to license its technology to development houses capable of producing, fielding, and supporting CarterCopters of various classes. Although other frameworks can be considered, typically the technology license includes:

  • Definition of a field of use (e.g., commercial vs military)
  • Product scope (e.g., weight class, jump takeoff vs hovering, manned vs unmanned)
  • Licensed Territories (e.g., individual regions such as the United States, other regions, up to worldwide)
  • Exclusive vs Non-exclusivity

Fees and/or royalties to Carter for these licenses are determined based on the scope of the license, breadth of the product definition, and ultimately the estimated size of the market potential. These market assessments ultimately determine the value of the license and influence related structural elements. All of these determinations are a joint effort between Carter and the licensee to reach an agreement representing a win for both parties.

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