Carter Aviation Technologies, An Aerospace Research & Development Company


CarterGyro Demonstrator / Trainer


The CarterGyro Demonstrator Trainer (CGD/T) is a heavily modified Butterfly autogyro, being used as a platform to test and demonstrate Carter technologies.

To enable jump takeoffs, the aircraft has been modified with the Carter propeller & the two-setting Carter prop pitch control mechanism, the Carter designed mechanical pre-rotator, and the Carter rotor with automatic mechanical pitch control. For improved safety on landing, the aircraft now has the Carter smart strut on a Carter designed main gear, and a slightly modified commercially available nose gear with more stroke and a larger tire than the original nose gear.

In the current configuration, the CGD/T will fly straight and level as slow as around 20 mph airspeed, can perform zero-roll landings, and can jump over 150 feet straight into the air.