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CarterCopter Unmanned Aircraft Systems


The same features that make the CarterCopter so attractive in the manned aviation market apply when configuring the technology for Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) applications. CarterCopter UAS offer runway independence, crosswind independence, high speed, long range, long endurance in a platform that is ultra quiet in loitering flight. Carter has developed a variety of UAS concepts including both jump takeoff and full hovering variants. Whether the mission involves a relatively small mission payload at relatively short distances such as those performed by the U.S. Army’s RQ-7B or much more demanding missions such as those performed by the U.S. Air Force MQ-9, CarterCopters can be scaled to virtually any requirement and mission need – all without requiring launch and recovery equipment or a 5,000 ft+ runway.

With CarterCopter UAS you get fixed-wing performance without all the baggage common to conventional VTOLs such as reduced speed, range, payload, and endurance as well as increased acquisition, operating, and maintenance costs. Contrastingly, CarterCopter UAS offer:

  • High speed and high cruise efficiency (1/3 the fuel required of helicopters)
  • Increased range and endurance
  • Reduced acquisition, operating, and maintenance costs
  • Runway and crosswind independence

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