Advanced Aircraft Design

Carter Aviation Technologies is an advanced aircraft design company that pioneered Slowed Rotor Compound (SRC) flight.  SRC combines the speed and efficiency of an airplane with the vertical takeoff and landing of a helicopter.

Carter has validated SRC technology on flying demonstrators, and is the only company that has slowed the rotor in flight to an advance ratio greater than one. SRC enables elegant, efficient, high speed VTOL aircraft without the complexities of other VTOL concepts.

In 2019, all intellectual property pertaining to SRC technology was acquired by Jaunt Air Mobility LLC which was selected as an Uber Air Taxi partner in June 2019. Carter Aviation will continue its legacy of innovation led by Jay Carter, Jr., to help design other configurations of SRC aircraft for future Jaunt markets.

Flight Proven Technology


CarterCopter Technology Demonstrator
First aircraft ever to achieve Mu1
L/D of 7.0 background

CarterCopter Personal Air Vehicle
Second aircraft to achieve Mu1+
L/D of 11